The Moysa Kiddos

The Moysa Kiddos

January 25, 2013

Testing Testing one two three...

Hi all...I'm testing out new headers and design concepts for my business site...Pardon me while I play!

June 19, 2012

Greyson the artist

Greyson loves to draw and color lately and isn't he lucky that mommy is able to do a pretty decent outline for him.  Coloring books are never what he wants to color in, so we have to be creative and come up with different things everyday to draw. 
Batman cave anyone...I have had to draw one of these twice for him so far...They are getting better each time haha.  I forsee many other pictures being draw this summer!

June 16, 2012

Daddy day

Tomorrow is daddys day. We celebrate this hard working man who allows me to stay home and raise our two kiddos! That gift can't be replaced. He is our rock, our tackle master, Greys surfing buddy and Emerson's everything.

We love you daddy!

May 12, 2012


I took the kids to the wild animal park on Monday. We played hookey from all things, loaded up our lunches and went to go find the monkeys. Emerson loved it. We hadn't been since her first birthday and this time she really understood. Greyson was a trooper. Walked the entire way, up all the hills, helped read the map, everything.

It was a fun day and we can't wait to go back with daddy to watch the cheetas run.

May 5, 2012

Cinco de Mayo

Playing outside.. Getting all messy and sweaty. That's what fun's all about. We've been busy, I've been lacking in this blog once again.

April 8, 2012


It's Easter and we are having a fun day so isn't over yet!!!  At this moment the kids are both resting, Emerson is sleeping and Grey is watching a movie.  We've gone to Riviera Beach and we've been to the pool.  Why both you may ask?  Because our daughter doesn't understand that she can't swim, that the ocean is strong and that the water is FREEZING! I got so much exercise chasing her down, so did Geoff.  So we looked at each other, consulted with Grey and decided the pool was a way better option!  So we left.  But before we did I snapped a few shots of the kiddos.  I'm slightly obsessed with Emerson's swimsuit, I will have to buy the 2T also, in order for it to fit all summer, its neon and its great!  Greyson is all about the boogie board.  He wants to surf on it so bad, but he still has a bit of fear that the ocean is going to suck either it or him away.  We are explaining it all to him...
So here we go with an overload of pictures.
 This was Em the other day, sharing her snack with Chopper
 The kids dying Easter eggs on the patio

 Easter morning...the kids going through their baskets.

 The Easter Bunny balanced a lot of eggs on mommy's vases, Grey thought it was funny

 Searching for the real eggs in the front "yard" day we'll have a yard instead of the common area haha

 Emerson and her bitty booty

 Daddy and Grey waving at the train

 Someone went under...freezing
 Surfing the boogie board

Dancing on the boogie board

Then we headed to the pool....mommy was too tired to bring the camera. =)

March 29, 2012

Easter Bunny

The kids and I joined the Shwams for a visit to Irvine Park for their Eggstravaganza.  It was a lot of fun.  The kids did the Easter egg hunt, sat on the bunny's lap, and ended the day with face painting.  I tried my darndess to get a cute pick of both of the kids.  Grey did a great job smiling, Emerson is at 'that' age and is impossible to get a photo.  She is always moving.